• Fagor 12" x 30" | Prokit Package 20iM, MKT 32, MKT 77, MILL-M/COMBO
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    Fagor 12" x 30" | Prokit Package 20iM, MKT 32, MKT 77, MILL-M/COMBO Fagor 12" x 30" | Prokit Package 20iM, MKT 32, MKT 77, MILL-M/COMBO

The PROKIT 01 is part of the 20i-M Prokit series. These DROs or Digital Readouts are mainly used for milling machines and boring mills.

All Fagor linear feedback systems like the PROKIT 01 have a final accuracy test carried out on a computerized measuring bench equipped with a laser interferometer inside a climate controlled chamber

20i M Features:

  • Bright LED display readout
  • Bolt, Linear & Arc hole
  • 20 work offset points
  • Tool Compensation
  • Linear Error Compensation
  • 2 axes System
  • Direct Metric to Inch conversion
  • Absolute/Incremental counting
  • Part Centering
  • Bolt hole cycle
  • Axes reset and preset
  • Data EEPROM backup
  • Machine error compensation
  • Fine/ course display selection
  • Hold Function
  • UL Approval

Bolt-hole drilling

The position of the holes is calculated automatically by entering the values requested by the DRO.

Linear drilling calculation

Calculates, memorizes the position and guides through the execution of linear drilling operations at any angle with respect to the axes.

Tool radius compensation

The tool radius is added to or subtracted from the position value when milling with a round tool depending on the machining direction.

Corner rounding/machining of arcs

To be used in simple corner rounding or curved surfaces in a plane defined by two linear axes.

Part centering

Simply touching two points of the part with the tool or with a probe and pressing a key, the DRO calculates the center of the part.

Part alignment

For measuring angles avoiding part misalignment and correct its inclination until the right position is obtained.

Multiple part-zeros (datum points)

It makes working with several origin points easier and may be used to save tool data and to position holes.

Comparison TableM series : Milling Machines and Boring MillsT Series : Lathes                                                E Series : EDM and Grinders                      General Series : General Purpose applications
40i P  40i  30i M20i M 40i TS40i       30iT     20iT    30i E20i E10i E40i20i10i
Connection to 1 Vpp and SSI encoders43433
Connection to TTL encoders43334332321321
Linear axesxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Angular encodersxxxxxxxxxx
Incremental and distance-coded reference marksxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Linear axis sag compensationxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Multi-point compensation (points per axis)100100404010010040404040401004040
1 Vpp signal monitoringxxxxx
Travel limit alarmxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5.7" color TFT screenxxxxx
LED displayxxxxxxxxx
Number of axes43324332321321
Radius or diameter displayxxxxxxxxxxx
mm / inch conversionxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fine / coarse resolutionxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Absolute / incremental feedbackxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Display off" modexxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Axis couplingxxxxxxxxxxxx
Zero setting of the axesxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Buzzer functionxxxxxxxxxx
Number of references - part zeros1001002020202020100
Number of tools16161001002020.16
Axis presetxxxxxxx

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Fagor 12" x 30" | Prokit Package 20iM, MKT 32, MKT 77, MILL-M/COMBO

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